First Impressions

Here we go. We landed yesterday evening in Jakarta, Indonesia.


As we prepared for this trip we wrote “be careful, strict control for drugs, print justifications”. But nobody checked anything… We went through the security without scanning our luggages, which was true for us only. Discriminated, already. It’s not fair, but it’s probably a way of being welcoming. Two steps further taxi drivers jump on us. Welcome to Indonesia!

The bus station of the airport is full of life. Soon, through the windows we discover for the first time green and humid landscapes, with some building popping here and there from slums to skyscrapers.

Arriving in the center, we decide to reach our host’s house on foot. Armies of scooter are dancing around us. There is neither pedestrian crossing nor pavement as a rule. That’s hell for us. We end up with understanding we have to force our way, hand toward the cars, and challenge the continuous flow. Klaxons raise all around in the air.

People we asked for a direction show us ways with so much determination, however they usually didn’t get anything we said.

img_5439Three hours later we crossed a slum along a canal, a Ferrari licence and a huge mall covered by coloured screens. Exhausted by such contrasts, we finally reach our goal. It’s completely dark.

Rama welcomes us cheerfully in his house, along a peaceful and green alley. This evening we will try for the first time durian, with such a strong taste, goat meat, and chips made of an unknown root. A selfie with the family, with a pine tree in the backgound and a Christmas kind of song, and we slip into our beds.

I just forget : rain stopped as we went out the airport, but mosquitos and heat are still there. 32 degrees here…

To be continued!

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